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A sex offender is a person who commits a Sex Offense. There are 3 levels of sex-offenders divided by the risk of re-offense, meaning how likely it is that the sex offender will commit another sex related crime. The sex offender level is set by the court. The 3 levels are: Level 1 — lowest risk Level 2 — moderate risk Level 3 — highest risk There are also three designations that the court can give a sex offender: sexual predator, sexually violent offender and predicate sex offender. These designations and the risk level assigned determine the sex offenders reporting requirements and how much information is open to the public. Skip to Main Content.

Maryland Sex Offender Registry Frequently Asked Questions

Registered Offenders List | Find Sex Offenders in Massachusetts

Upon release to the community following a conviction for a registerable offense, a sex offender is required to register with the Division of Criminal Justice Services. In order to determine the level of community notification and duration of registration, a hearing is held by the sentencing court. After examining the facts in a particular case, including, but not limited to, the use of force, weapons, alcohol or drugs, victim's age, number of victims, assault or injury of the victim and relationship to the victim, the court makes a determination regarding the offender's level of notification, commonly called the risk level. The risk level is based on the court's assessment regarding whether a particular offender is likely to repeat the same or similar registerable offense and the danger the offender poses to the community. Because the risk level reflects factors unique to a particular sex offender, offenders convicted of the same offense may receive different risk levels. The risk level governs the amount and type of information which can be released as community notification and also impacts duration of registration. Note: In the interim period between registration and the risk level hearing, the offender's risk level may be referred to as "pending" and only confirmation that an offender is registered can be provided via the Information line.

Risk Level & Designation Determination

A new Georgia sex offender law will allow many low level sex offenders to be taken off the registry much sooner than previously allowed. Until the passage of this new law, Georgia was widely criticized for having overly-harsh sex offender laws which primarily focused on punishment instead of protecting the public. The previous law required all convicted sex offenders to wait until 10 years after the completion of any prison, parole or probation sentence before they could petition to be taken off the sex offender registry. The new law removes the 10 year waiting period for offenders classified as a Level 1 risk assessment, and allows these individuals to file a petition immediately upon completing all prison, parole and probation. A Level 1 risk assessment classification is given to individuals who pose little or no risk to society.
If you have been charged with a sex offense, you may be required to register as a sex offender if you are convicted. A registered sex offender is someone who has been convicted of a criminal sexual act that requires registration under local, state, or federal laws. These offenses can include both misdemeanors and felonies.

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