I dont wanna stop sex

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With California's recent adoption of the nation's first Yes Means Yes law — which asserts that the absence of the word "no" does not constitute sexual consent — we seem to finally be grasping the reasons why a person might not be able to say "no" to sex, even though they want to. But what about people who say "yes" to sex under duress? Why aren't we educating people about the times when "yes" might not actually mean "yes"? Sexual coercion is when tactics like pressure, trickery, or emotional force are used to get someone to agree to sex.

I don't want to stop cutting ?

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Guest over a year ago. That Dude over a year ago. SOirritated over a year ago. So let me get this straight. After you have an orgasm, you are completely turned off, and you push your boyfriend off of you? If you push him off of you before he has a chance to reach his orgasm, I think I know what the problem here is. Couldn't find what you looking for?

I don't want to stop breastfeeding

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. I waited until I was officially his girlfriend 2 months before we had sex. Should this be a big concern?
Periods are a perfectly normal part of being a woman and they are nothing to be concerned or ashamed about. However, they can sometimes be painful and heavy, affecting your mood and interrupting regular life on a monthly basis. A lot of women would simply be happy to wave goodbye to their periods for good, particularly when they are with a partner and want to have sex.

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